Vibrant Yellow Sapphire, Bright as Their Love

This lovely couple wandered into my shop in early spring, on the hunt for an engagement/wedding ring. Even from our brief meeting, it was impossible to mistake the beautiful balance in their dynamic – one outgoing, the other reserved. An engagement ring of black onyx and sterling silver had already been given and proudly on display. Now these two were looking for something to compliment that. And so the conversation began. In addition to the questions that are asked during our session, as a designer trying to anticipate what my clients will love, I’m also quietly observing how one dresses, how one moves and what animates or excites. Getting a pulse on any couple really helps me capture a piece that speaks to them. In this case, her color palette – just like her personality – is warm and vibrant. Yellows and oranges immediately spring to mind. She prefers silver over yellow gold. But most gemstones in this color range don’t fair well with continuous wear. So I knew we had to bring out the sapphires! I showed them a beautiful yellow sapphire – a ray of sunshine. And, just as I had hoped, they fell in love with it. Next we had to determine the perfect setting. We decided to accent the sapphire with small full-cut diamonds, one on either side of the sapphire. To make the ring timeless yet current, we set all three stones in bezels. To add intentional enhancements we set the sapphire horizontally in a yellow gold bezel. The diamonds were set in white gold bezels, to match the ring – also in white. I have done several variations of this design over the years and all end results are as different as the fingers the ring resides on. When they came back into the shop to pick up the ring, magic was in the air. I am so thrilled that this couple chose me. I’m forever humbled to have the opportunity to create a piece of jewelry that becomes part of someone’s story. A true honor.

  • 14k yellow and white gold, Genuine yellow sapphire, Laboratory grown diamonds
  • Client location: Avon, CT

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