Before + After: ring's ruby and the diamond tiers have a much lower profile
Ring top profile: retains similar vintage design of nana's ring
After side view: lowered ring setting is more practical for wear
Before + After: ring's ruby and the diamond tiers have a much lower profile

adjustment: vintage ring set too high for practical wear

This classic tiered cluster-style ruby and diamond ring belonged to her grandmother. Every time she wears it she sees her nana, but the setting is too high and, as one can see from the before photo, the prongs got shoved around due to various collisions during wear – the ring simply got banged up!

She has young children, and rings that are set too high are just simply impracticable. A military family, they are on a great adventure and don’t stay in one place for a long time. That being said, and because this family moves so often, the jewelry items she has are very precious to her.

The solution was to adjust the ring – lower the ruby and the diamond tiers.

The ring needed to be thoroughly cleaned prior to any work being done. Once cleaned, the diamond tier, with the center ruby, was cut away from the lowest ruby tier and fitted into the center. It was then soldered into the center, just a hair above the ruby tier. Next we removed the ruby and setting, fitted a new four-prong yellow gold low base crown into the diamond tier and set the ruby into the new crown.

From above, she sees the beloved ring that belonged to Nana. From the side, she sees a sleek updated design. Collision-proofed and child-friendly, this lovely heirloom ring can be worn with a smile and loads of heartwarming memories!

She found me online, and a few other redesigns for her are still in the works.

  • 14k gold vintage ring with genuine rubies and full cut diamonds.
  • Location: West Hartford, CT
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