Fixed: dragonfly on brooch now has two antennae
Before: broken antanna - silver dragonfly in need of repair
Back of brooch - signed by @leecharleynavajojewelry
Fixed: dragonfly on brooch now has two antennae

Turquoise dragonfly brooch repair

This dragonfly brooch is a favorite piece which she wore for many years, but sadly the antenna had broken off a while ago. He found me on line, a local guy whose wife has quite the collection of Native American pieces of jewelry. She has been collecting for years.

The challenge of repair is to not cause further damage

The challenge of repairing this piece is two fold. Silver conducts heat from the repair torch rapidly and efficiently. The turquoise set in bezels does not appreciate heat from a torch at all and will burn if this brooch is to be repaired traditionally.

Enter the laser – a wonderful tool for complicated and delicate repairs. One needs a steady hand and keen eye to aim the laser while holding the solder wire at the joint where the new antenna needs to be attached. I have people for just that request.

The new antenna is joined seamlessly and does not interfere with the overall integrity of the piece. And now it is in perfectly wearable condition!

  • Location: Simsbury, CT
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