Mom's engagement ring changed to emerald stack ring (finished)
Original engagement setting (vertical set bezel)
Gold bezel in white gold ring brings out the stone color (back)
Design drawing - changed bezel aspect from vertical to horizontal
Mom's engagement ring changed to emerald stack ring (finished)

Altered engagement ring expresses mom’s burst of pride

Both mom and daughter are sentimental, and the jewelry they wear holds great meaning. Mom is bursting with pride over her daughter’s accomplishments and wanted to honor her achievements with a special piece of jewelry – a redesign and update of her own original engagement ring.

Let’s first look at the engagement ring. The center diamond had long ago been reset into a different engagement ring. They wanted more than just a mounting, and a bit of an update was in order. The future possibility of stacking rings gave me the idea to change the orientation of the stone “across” the finger (horizontal) rather than “down” the finger (vertical). They chose the marquise shape for sentimental reasons. Mom’s original diamond is a marquise as illustrated by the empty setting.

The choice of the emerald was entirely hers

Emerald has great meaning for the daughter / recipient, and it is a favorite color. This delicate emerald is a beautiful specimen of high quality. It has saturated, even color. The stone has acceptable inclusions that can only be seen with a loupe, and the only treatment needed was the cutting, faceting and polishing of the rough emerald into this stunning gem.

I love designing with mixed metals

While she usually just wears white metals, whether it be silver or gold, I encouraged her to consider having the emerald set in a yellow gold bezel. A couple of reasons for this: colored gemstones are often set in yellow gold to enhance the stone’s color. And setting an emerald in a bezel can protect the stone. Emeralds are considered “soft” stones in the gemstone world, and this one as a marquise shape is particularly vulnerable due to the points at either end of the stone. Finally, the mixing of metals adds to the uniqueness of this heartfelt gift from a proud mother to her daughter.

  • original 14k white gold engagement band with new 14k yellow gold bezel plus a beautiful genuine emerald
  • Canton, ct.
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