repaired unique cameo and tiger claw brooches

repair of quite unusual brooches

now this was really really interesting, these 2 brooches are from an appraisal i just did, talk about history…

  • the tiger claw is all hand made, fabricated and engraved in karat gold. the piece is originally from South Africa, passed down thru the maternal generation so was probably done either by a British jeweler or a Dutch jeweler as it does date back to the Boer period, a real collectors item.
  • the cameo is also interesting, unique and atypical subject plus the orientate of the profile is unusual to the left. looking at the roman-greco nose, dates this to the 1800’s as does the silver fitted bezel and frame. plus this is done in carnelian shell and the detail is just breathtaking.the angels wings are so very delicate as is the cloth of the veil.

lucky inheritor!

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