After: Pendant repaired with more heft and wearability
Before: broken pendant in need of repair
After: Pendant repaired with more heft and wearability

How I fix jewelry with metal too thin to solder

Her gold pendant had a piece in the center that was broken. It had been given to her by her husband, no longer with us, and so has great meaning to her. I was told the character means love, and she wore the pendant on a daily basis – a touchstone, a talisman. She was eager to have it repaired and was referred to me by her daughter.

Pendant repair

The gauge, or thickness, of the piece was too thin to simply solder to repair. My suggestion was to fit a sterling silver disc into the frame and have the broken pieces as well as the character laser-welded to the disc. I almost always suggest using sterling silver discs to recreate precious pieces so there will be some heft and continued wearability with a minimum of cost. She agreed to this strategy.

We added the disc for support and slightly changed, as per customer instructions, the angle of the broken piece.

She was so happy that she can wear her pendant again without the worry that a piece of the symbol will get caught on something and break.

  • 14k yellow gold and sterling silver love pendant repair
  • Location: West Simsbury, CT
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