emerald and diamond stack ring after design fix

stack stack stack (ring design fix)

A young mother of two came in with a series of rings she had made elsewhere but was not happy with the results. There was too much metal on the stones which kept her wondering why the emeralds looked so dull and why the diamonds were not sparkly enough.

Though the original rings were very well made, it seems that the jeweler did not listen to what she wanted.  And this is an articulate woman. (Listening and find a solution is my favorite part of being a jeweler.) She wanted something to wear on a regular basis to commemorate the birth months of each of her children but did not want it to look like a “mother’s ring.”

She found me via a referral (thank you). Petite in stature, with small but beautiful hands, she really wanted to stack the rings. My conclusion was to change the emerald ring but keep it classic. Keeping in mind that this is a stone that can easily chip, we reset the emeralds into a yellow gold channel band which protects them. I have found that yellow mountings add warmth to the emeralds.

The diamond band really did not need to be reset as much as undergo a minor refinement.  We shaped the prongs so not to be as noticeable, keeping the original mounting intact.  Both rings have a flat wall to easily stack. There was a second diamond ring we did nothing with, that is being saved for a later date.

what makes this project so surprising

Now what makes this project so interesting is the addition of two rings she is having made elsewhere. For each child she is having a “breast milk ring” made from her milk from each pregnancy.  Who knew there was such a thing!?!

Apparently a bit of an acrylic substance is mixed with the milk, and with every pregnancy the milk is a slightly different color. When those rings are done, she has promised to show me; and I, in turn, will show you all.

  • Genuine round faceted emeralds reset in 14k yellow gold (changed the style from prongs to channel)
  • Round faceted diamonds set in altered 14k white gold mounting
  • Location: Simsbury, CT

breast milk ring  – who knew there was such a thing!?!

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