BEFORE and AFTER - six diamonds of varied size in her band #magnificent
Profile of ring - now with SIX diamonds
Parts for ring alteration and design drawing
vintage-inspired multi-prong settings next to ring BEFORE alteration
BEFORE and AFTER - six diamonds of varied size in her band #magnificent

Mrs. got rocks – version 2.0

Like so many of us during Covid, she had time to sort through her gems and jewelry. She discovered a pair of diamond studs that she no longer wears and had the thought to add to the ring I made her several years ago.

We went from a 4-diamond band to a 6-diamond band by adding the two stones she found in her jewelry box in the exact same manner as the original ring. As a nod to the antique cut of the majority of the diamonds in the ring, we used vintage-inspired multi-prong settings. All six stones are slightly different in size, and these settings beautifully camouflage that fact.

She is a retired bank executive that I met several years ago. Shortly after her retirement, as a gift to herself, she commissioned me to dream up something with an assortment of family pieces and her wedding bands. She is an imposing figure, larger than life and gregarious. A delight to be around. This ring of six diamonds looks perfect on her! Mrs. got rocks!

  • 14k yellow and white gold.
  • Location: Winchester, CT
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