A Traditional Coordinate-Engraved Engagement Ring with a Twist 

I know this client’s parents, his aunt, as well as various family friends. So when an engagement was in the works he came to visit me in the shop. The first visit was with his folks, who absolutely adore their soon-to-be daughter in law. Introductions were made all around and so began the adventure of the engagement ring. I always start by asking about the intended, as it’s my way of getting a picture of her as as individual and them as a couple. The groom-to-be was positively beaming while talking about her. They have known each other since they were kids – he wanted something as timeless as their love. But with a bit of a twist. Something to withstand the test of time. We began to talk about the different cuts of diamonds – everything from round to oval and pear-shaped to marquise. The oval shape seemed to speak to him most. Once deciding upon that, we discussed the differences between natural and lab-created diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are created via high-pressure and high-temperature, just like a natural stone. The biggest difference between the two is the amount of time needed to create the diamond. And due to how these lab-created diamonds are made, the costs are typically less. I brought stones in, both natural and lab-created so he could compare the options in person. He decided on a lab-created diamond. So now it was time to design the ring itself. He wanted something to accent the center stone, but not overshadow it. The shape that I suggested for the shoulder stones were pear-shaped diamonds, proportional in size to the center stone. He liked the direction. So we decided on a straightforward, traditional style of mounting as a nod to her preference for traditional as well as her preference for yellow gold. The final style features slight cathedral shoulders, each set with one pear-shaped lab-created diamond on either side to accent and highlight the oval center stone. The finished engagement ring is classic with a twist, just as he wanted. But we took it even one step further. To further customize this one of a kind ring he had the coordinates of their first date/favorite place engraved in the shank. How incredibly romantic!

  • Materials: Oval lab-created diamond with pear-shaped accents, yellow gold
  • Client location: Canton and New Haven, CT as well as Providence, RI

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