Something Blue – A Simple Yet Magnificent Sapphire Engagement Ring

This client began as a referral from his mother. I worked with her many years ago, we were about the same age that he is now. We first met before she was married and now, all these years later, her son is getting engaged. His soon-to-be fiancé is a very active person. He wanted the ring to reflect her personality – nothing too fancy or frilly, something traditional and timeless with a modern flair. And she loves blue. So he knew that he wanted the engagement ring to feature a sapphire. The very first thing for us to do was to find a sapphire that caught his eye. I brought in three certified stones and he honed right in on the stone that spoke to him. Our next step was to figure out a mounting, taking into consideration her active lifestyle and minimalist aesthetic. The mounting that we chose is one I’ve used before. But these special projects are never one and the same. So we modified it by setting the center sapphire horizontally and setting the matched oval lab-created diamonds perpendicular to the center stone, one on each side. These diamonds made the perfect accent to the center sapphire. By leaving the bellies of the stones exposed, the light dances and the stones sparkle. Once the sketches and measurements were completed we moved on to a CAD rendering. For the final design we opted for 14k white gold with the three stones set in bezels across the finger. This special engagement ring ended up being such a stunner, my client got down on one knee even sooner than anticipated. It’s so nice to know that when the end goal is simplicity, beauty doesn’t need to be compromised. And his fiancé surely agreed!

  • Materials: 14k white gold, genuine sapphire, lab-created diamonds
  • Client location: Norfolk, CT and Texas
  • Words from my client: Hey Raimie. Wanted to let you know that my now fiancé LOVES the ring along with all of her friends and family. Ended up proposing before her farewell party so everyone got to see it. Thank you again for everything!

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