The Missing Links to a Fashion Forward Necklace 

Fashion Forward Necklace 

After receiving a birthday gift this past spring and wearing this new piece for a bit, the recipient realized that the length was just a bit too short for the necklines she usually prefers. What to do? Well, this project offered several challenges. First, the links on this particular necklace are hollow, showing a large presence without the weight and cost. Second came the difficulty of finding another link that’s not only hollow but that also matches the style of the chain so that it looks both stylish and cohesive. Most fashion jewelry is sold as specific items, but coincidentally I just so happened to have a pair of earrings that worked beautifully here. Now was the challenge of putting them together invisibly. Hollow links tend to melt before the solder flows unless one is extremely careful and an expert with a torch. One has to get the flame hot enough, with a pin point to melt the solder, to flow and seal the seam. Lucky for this client she had the right gal for the job! With an artful eye and precision at the forefront, I used four links from the earrings, evenly spaced the oval links with the paperclip links and voila! I presented her with an on trend and timeless necklace at the length she desired, and in doing so this necklace has transformed into a piece she absolutely loves!

This is just one example of how things one has can be adjusted and modified to become things one loves!

  • Materials: 14k yellow gold
  • Client location: Canton, CT

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