His and Hers Honeycomb Rings

His and Hers Honeycomb Rings laying nicely on a table
Hers Honeycomb Ring
His Honeycomb Ring
Necklace used to create Honeycomb Rings
Hers Honeycomb Rings sparkling in the light
His Honeycomb Rings
Hers Honeycomb Ring dimensions and details
His and Hers Honeycomb Rings laying nicely on a table

One very fiery Texan transplant wandered into my shop many years ago, and  years later, with much excitement, she came in with her fiancé! He is also a transplant, originally from Boston. He is a stoic, solid retired firefighter.  The love flowing between them was undeniable. It fills the heart just to see. I happily greeted these repeat customers. She is a woman with definite ideas and taste to match, knowing exactly what she wanted: a repurposing of her diamond bracelet to design his and hers rings. To illustrate her vision, she wrapped the bracelet around her finger. Seemed easy enough. But true to Raimie Weber fashion, I wanted to put my spin on the rings. I sought to make the diamonds extra sparkly… and began to brainstorm a special way to tie the rings together. I began with a sketch, then a CAD, a wax, a mold, and finally, a casting. The mounting was cleaned up to make sure the metal was polished brilliantly and then the stones were set. Voila! A fabulous multi-row diamond eternity band with a honeycomb interior for her. But we weren’t quite done. Next was time for his! The couple wanted something classy but not too flashy and so we began by identifying a good width for his finger and shape of the band. Lots to consider here. Did he prefer something domed? Or something flat? Plain edge or milgrain edging? How many diamonds and how should we set them? And so, we began through the same process as her ring, one step at a time. His final band is a classic 9-diamond channel set, 7 mm wide with a milgrain edge. And the special detail that ties the two rings together: a honeycomb interior to match. Different on the outside, same on the inside. Much like the deep-rooted love these two share.

Both rings were done in platinum using diamonds from the bracelet. And one happy perk – there’s plenty of stones left over for the next project.

  • Location: CT, NH and FL… yes, all three locations!

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