One Matriarch’s Pearls Reimagined for Three

Pearl necklaces stretched out next to a ruler
Two pearl bracelets with metal clasps
Beautiful pearl bracelet
Pearl necklaces stretched out next to a ruler

This special client and I go way back. We knew each other since we were little girls. Both of our mothers were even involved with the parent-teacher organization in our elementary school. Fast forward, as time seems to do, and now she’s got children of her own. Sons who are grown and married. She absolutely adores her two daughters-in-law and wanted to gift each of them something classic yet modern. Many years ago, her mother had gifted her a classic strand of pearls with a beautiful diamond and pearl clasp. It was time to reimagine this piece. The length of the pearls just so happened to be the perfect fit for three bracelets – two to gift, one to keep. For the young women, we chose a modern sterling silver clasp, decorative enough to be seen and yet comfortable to be hidden. The remaining pearls were strung for her using mom’s original clasp. Only fitting that the now matriarch of the family has the fanciest clasp. This jewelry redesign ended up being a simple solution, making for a timeless and classic continuation of this family’s story.

  • Materials: Cultured Akoya pearls, Sterling silver, 14k white gold and diamonds
  • Client location: Billings and Missoula, MT / Boston, MA

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pearl bracelet with rose gold bead clasp

a classic wedding gift – pearl bracelet

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