family ring reinterpreted in platinum

diamond from family brooch heirloom at the center of the new engagement ring
Finished engagement ring - profile view
parts for new platinum ring - matching purple sapphires, family diamond, crown prongs
family heirloom ruby ring used for design inspiration
diamond from family brooch heirloom at the center of the new engagement ring

He came in with his mother and a veritable treasure trove of family heirlooms. They are members of an old New England family, well known in the area, and many of the pieces had already been distributed amongst the heirs. The young man and his brother each got a lovely European cut diamond from a beautiful sapphire and diamond heirloom brooch.

He is a merchant mariner, which I find incredibly romantic. Not only was his leave-time limited, but project logistics were further complicated by the fact that he lives in New Hampshire, his soon-to-be fiancée lives in Maine and his family lives in Connecticut. Yes, we are covering New England!

This young man did his homework. The couple had gone ring shopping so he could get her correct finger size AND hear what she loves. He found me on the web and chose to work with me because of my stellar ratings and the jewelry pictures on my website!

His intended wears only white metals and loves purple. The original request was for an amethyst, but that stone does not wear as well as some others; so I obtained several beautiful purple sapphires for him to consider. He loved them, and interestingly enough, the color matched a purple sapphire in the original family brooch!

ring reinterpretation – capture the flavor of the heirloom ruby ring but make it more contemporary

From the trove of jewelry goodies, mom pulled out a rose gold ring with a flame fusion ruby that dates from about 1890 or so. She was hoping this cherished heirloom could be the inspiration for an engagement ring.

My challenge was to create an engagement ring that captured the feel of the treasured heirloom but a little more contemporary for the new daughter-in-law, incorporating white metal, purple stones and the family diamond. We decided on platinum, with traditional multi-prong crowns for each stone to be set into. The finished ring has two matched genuine purple sapphires and one beautiful European cut diamond. So we have a nod to the past with the design and a connection to his family with the diamond.

  • platinum engagement ring with two matched genuine purple sapphires plus a European cut diamond repurposed from a family heirloom
  • location: Farmington, NH

a nod to the past with design. a connection to his family with the diamond.

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