engraved shaddai pendant in gold

Grandmother comes from an ancient Jewish Italian family, and one of their traditions is to give a shaddai pendant as a gift. Shaddai has many meanings but in this instance it is “my protective spirit.” The gift recipient is a recent high school graduate, so it is fitting she wear a talisman as she embarks upon life’s path. Her granddaughter’s name translates to “breath of life,” also a lovely meaning.

On the pendant her Hebrew name and her birthdate were engraved, and on the reverse side, “shaddai” in Hebrew in between the priestly hands. My hand-engraver is particularly talented and I am so very fortunate to have this collaboration.

I designed the very rough layout and selected the materials. My customer provided the Hebrew alphabet. And the engraver brought my vision to life.

The gift giver was a referral from a request posted on a neighborhood bulletin board – who was also from a referral! Oh the wonders of the internet …and like the ripples in a pond from a pebble thrown.

  • Engraved 12k yellow gold coin disc pendant on a xx chain
  • Location: West Hartford, CT

Well I learn something with every special order, and this one was fascinating!

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