colorful multi-stone gem necklace and earrings set

She loves color, he loves gemstones – what a great combination! They are at a point in their lives where, having raised several children, they can now afford to be a bit frivolous and fun in their retirement.

We began our relationship a while ago with an appraisal (via a referral) and a repair of a ring for one daughter’s birthday gift. As we were chatting, some loose gemstones were mentioned.

Bring them on in!

She wears earrings and necklaces, so first we set the matched pair of yellow apatite oval stones into pierced earrings in sterling silver with a four prong fleur d’lisle style.

Next we set the blue triangular tanzanite, the round orange Mexican fire opals and the round green/purple alexandrite in 14k yellow gold. Alexandrite is a color-change mineral, meaning the color of the stone will change depending on the light source. This pair of gems changes from green in daylight to purple in lamplight. The stones settings are linked and then attached to one of her favored sterling silver chains. The chain attaches to the fire opals; the alexandrite and the tanzanite showcase the purples and greens.

  • Genuine yellow apatite earrings in sterling silver
  • Genuine alexandrite, tanzanite and Mexican fire opals set in yellow gold and added to her sterling silver chain
  • Location: Torrington, CT

Upon pick up she wore them out of the shop! Smiles all around.

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