emerald and diamond ring, a pandemic-delayed project

finished ring: emeralds in yellow gold bezels, diamond in platinum
finished emerald diamond emerald ring on top of design sketches
design sketches for ring profile and sparkle
two genuine emeralds and an emerald-cut diamond
finished ring: emeralds in yellow gold bezels, diamond in platinum

He is a world traveler, usually for business; and about twenty years ago while on a trip to South America, he purchased two matched emeralds. For this young couple with a busy life and small children at home, finding a use for two emeralds was not a priority at the time. So these lovely stones were tucked away in a box for safe keeping.

Fast forward to 2020. She is celebrating a milestone birthday, they are celebrating a milestone anniversary and the home is quasi-empty nest. So “let’s do something to commemorate these moments.” After all, this is exactly what jewelry is about!

Initially we were exploring earrings, but as we chatted it became more apparent that she would not wear earrings as much nor would they show up on her ears easily since her hair is long and she usually wears it loose. She is a little bit of a thing; and her style is very clean, no frills, classic. She wears both sterling silver and gold, and her original wedding set is yellow gold.

As we began to explore rings, she noticed my engagement ring and really loved the style and the heft. It is platinum, a very dense and noble metal. Emeralds, especially, need protection – even more so on a piece to be worn every day or at least with great regularity.

I love colored gemstones set in yellow gold as I believe it enhances the stone color.

Our design ideas were developing nicely, but there needed to be just a little something else. Eventually an emerald-cut diamond was chosen to add some additional sparkle and visual interest.

We decided to set the emeralds in 18k yellow gold bezels and the diamond in a platinum bezel with the shank also in platinum in an inside round and squared European shape. The profile under-gallery is reminiscent of my own engagement ring; the bellies of the stones are exposed to allow the maximum of light to dance through.

This special order began before the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine shut down. They found me online and just so happened to live just a few miles away. They were very patient with the stretched timeline. Immediately after purchasing the diamond in February 2020 and approving the design – everything got shut down! Eventually we were able to complete the CAD which they approved in late April. At last the ring was finished, picked up and LOVED in June.

  • platinum & 18k yellow gold ring has two genuine emeralds and one emerald-cut diamond in the center
  • location: Weatogue, CT

the bellies of the stones are exposed to allow the maximum of light to dance through

I LOVE my ring!!!
It is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to show it off to everyone!! Thank you Ramie for your beautiful craftsmanship.

Lori Brandt
Weatogue, CT
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