A-LURE-ing Daredevil Earrings

Finished Daredevil and Fish earrings
Daredevil hook with earring piece
Dardevil hook in packaging
Dardevil earring hanging from ear
Finished Daredevil and Fish earrings

The story goes – a neighbor from the lake house has a pair of earrings made from fishing bobs and his mother is from northern Michigan. He thought lure earrings would be fun. A Google search led him to my site that just so happened to showcase a pair of lure earrings I had made several years ago. (You can view these on the website under custom alluring earrings in the archive section). His mother is slight but tall and can easily pull off a look that is both bold and fun. The request was for 14k white gold wires to hang the lures from and also white gold to dangle the glass crystal to mimic a drop of water from the bottom of the lure. He ordered the lure and had it dropped shipped but alas, only one arrived. So I ordered a pair of lures, a bit larger than the original one and so a bit bolder. Part of the challenge was to not chip or damage the soft enamel on the lure while securing the ear wires and then the pigtailed wire for the crystal. Not to mention removing the hook without hurting myself! This jewelry design was simple and yet a boatload of fun! Pun fully intended.

Shown with 14k white gold French wires for pierced ears and 14k white gold wire to hang the glass crystal.  The lure is nickel with red and white soft enamel.

  • Location: San Francisco, CA

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