A Golden Transformation Worth Smiling About

I wish I had taken a photo of this pendant as a ‘before’ because it was a tooth. Yes, you read that right… a tooth! Complete with roots and a dental gold onlay. This client specifically requested that we use the gold from said tooth to create a pendant. In order to ensure we had enough gold, the first step was to remove the tooth itself. I began by hammering it to pulverize the material. Next, in the early hours before customers or other businesses opened, the remaining material needed to be burned out. To our great relief there ended up being plenty of gold to work with. Dental gold is a bit different in that it contains a multitude of metals that make it extra stable for teeth. This meant a bit extra work. Thus began the process of heating and cooling, hammering and shaping, time and time again. Eventually, we had ourselves a rather lovely, unique pendant. This gold may no longer be conjoined with a tooth… but it sure warranted a tremendous smile from this client.

  • Materials: Multi-metal dental gold
  • Client location: Simsbury, CT

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