40 Years Under the Palms – A Custom Piece to Celebrate a Milestone

This lovely couple was originally customers of my father’s. What an honor to pass the torch because now they are mine. Ever the hopeless romantic, this client has an affinity for spoiling his wife with thoughtful gifts and purchases. Lucky for her! And lucky for me that they made their way into my shop to celebrate their upcoming 40th anniversary. He wanted to have something made that would commemorate this milestone with a wow factor. She loves all things palm trees and even has a room decorated in a palm motif. While she does have some other palm tree jewelry, she certainly didn’t have anything like what we were about to create. I began with the basic imagery of a palm trees, wanting something realistic yet whimsical. I also wanted to create the sense of movement, so one could imagine a soft island breeze. I then thought of using different color gold. The trunk here is white gold while the palm leaves are green gold.  And as an additional bit of sparkle, and movement, I added a beautiful diamond drop. It must have been all that shimmer because it was just then a light bulb moment went off. This was an anniversary and what does one find carved on and into tree trunks? Initials inside a heart. They were beyond thrilled with this personalized touch.

  • Materials: 14k green and white gold, diamond drop
  • Client location: Burlington, CT

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