necklace with gems said to have great powers lapis lazuli, emerald, aquamarine, and peridot
necklace on top of design sketch and notes
necklace layout with design notes for gem placement emerald, aquamarine, and peridot
design plan for placement of gems on gold necklace
necklace - design before affirming the stones to the gold. lapis lazuli, emerald, aquamarine, and peridot
necklace with gems said to have great powers lapis lazuli, emerald, aquamarine, and peridot

a powerful necklace

she choose each gem stone deliberately, aware that the color and shape have meaning and contain powerful energy. she is a nurse, acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and meditation instructor – all certified and credentialed!

so let me tell you the reasons for the choices and shapes of each stone …

the lapis lazuli bead from Afghanistan in a beautiful deep blue offers protection from negative psychic energies.

the three step cut emeralds from Brazil are symbols of rebirth, foresight, good fortune and youth. emerald is also said to be restful for the eyes.

aquamarine, a cousin to emerald and mined in similar areas, offers protection for sailors, safe voyages and cools the temper. the name in Latin aqua meaning water and marina meaning sea. the healing properties are for the liver, throat and stomach, jaws, teeth, eyes and ears. aqua also releases fear – so calms nerves and offers mental clarity.

then we have the peridots, both round and step cuts. they are said to be the tears of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes, believed to be imbued with magical and healing properties to protect against nightmares, bring power and influence and guarantee a wonderful year. peridot heals stress in relationships, lessens anger and jealousy, slows aging and promotes abundance and prosperity.

all in all, the combinations of these stones will serve her well in her practices.  she plans to wear this all the time!

  • 18k yellow gold necklace with genuine stones. lapis lazuli, emerald, aquamarine, and peridot

from: Los Angeles, CA.
and made with love

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