the new diamond ring made from old wedding jewelery.
side view of redesigned ring form earrings, wedding rings, engagement rings
repurposed parts that went into new ring
the new diamond ring made from old wedding jewelery.

she loves this redesign 1000%

she who NEVER wore her wedding set, or any other jewelry for that matter, overheard two women talking on the golf course about their rings and the talent behind the rings. intrigued, she asked the who, went on line to the website and was inspired enough to want to start wearing her diamonds!

now combined and redesigned:

  • her earrings
  • her engagement ring
  • her mother’s engagement ring
  • plus one matched diamond

her enthusiasm made my week!

14k white gold

New Hartford, CT

I love, love my new sparkles! Thank you so much. You have created a jewelry monster…. I will definitely try to think of another project for you.

Mary Lee
New Hartford, CT
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