pendant and earrings made from snowflake pin

Diamond pendant necklace made from snowflake pin
Two pairs of triangular post diamond earrings - for mom and daughter
Snowflake pin within a lot of jewelry for repurposing
Front side of vintage snowflake pin before design work
Back of snowflake pin - beautifully constructed
Diamond pendant necklace made from snowflake pin

In the lot of jewelry she brought in for consideration, there was a snowflake brooch that she never wears. This possibly dates from the 1960s. The diamonds are all set in white gold, the rest of the pin is in yellow gold.

I was so intrigued by how this piece was constructed that I did not want to completely deconstruct it. Sometimes there are items that should not be taken apart, and for me, this was one of them. It was beautifully made, all by hand, yet it was nothing she would ever wear.  The diamonds are of an excellent quality even though not large. They  are “small but mighty” – so very sparkly!

What to do with unworn but beautiful brooch?

She loves geometric shapes, so the petite outer triangles are perfect for earrings. In fact, let’s make two pairs of earrings – one pair for mom, one pair for daughter.

In addition, the last two triangles and center piece remain beautiful. Let’s make a pendant to hang from her ball link gold chain. I made it a versatile design; it can be worn horizontally or on the vertical.

  • two pairs of yellow gold post earrings with diamonds set in white gold
  • yellow gold pendant with diamonds set in white gold
  • location: Barkhamsted, CT

some jewelry should not be taken completely apart. for me, this was one of them

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