wedding ring and engagmenet band after repair
ring without diamond, the new diamond and bezil
side view of ring whose diamond was replaced
front view of ring without the diamond plus jewelers tool holding it
wedding ring and engagmenet band after repair

sad day at the barn when a diamond goes missing

a member of the mascara-and-manure set looked at her hand and then screamed and scrambled to search for her missing diamond.  a sad discovery after mucking out horse stalls, topping off water buckets, dumping muck buckets and setting grain for evening feed.  truly she was trying to find a needle (or in this instance, a princess-cut diamond) in a haystack.

they came into the shop, and he surprised her by replacing her original stone with a new diamond on the spot! it happens that they just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and are still crazy in love.

along with replacing the diamond, we performed additional work to secure it to the ring. it was decided to set the stone in a bezel such that the metal goes all around the diamond since the failed prong setting was how she lost the original stone.

now the ring is completed and looking marvelous!!

location: Suffield, CT

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