final product, redesigned 45th wedding anniversary ring with rubies and diamonds
on left new ring parts and white gold band, on right the ruby anniversary ring before redesign
on top of design notes sits white gold band, old anniversary ring, and new ring in progress
ruby and diamond ring in plastic bag along with client request
final product, redesigned 45th wedding anniversary ring with rubies and diamonds

redesigned 45th anniversary ring has been passed on and on and on …

the original ruby and diamond ring was given to his paternal grandmother on her 45th wedding anniversary in the late 1940’s. she in turn passed it along to her daughter-in-law upon her 45th anniversary. and now on his own 45th anniversary, the family ring was passed on to his wife as well.

so the tradition of this family developed to pass along the ruby and diamond band on the paternal line upon the 45th wedding anniversary. a wonderful and unusual tradition but the original band has been well-loved and well-worn – too worn to be repaired. after 90-plus years of daily wear the rubies were damaged, some of the diamonds were missing and the ring was just in bad shape.

 ring parts and design notes
design notes with old and new ring parts

instead of duplicating the ring at great expense, the decision was made to capture the essence and flavor of the original piece using the diamonds where needed, replacing the rubies with new ones and – the extra special feature – we found a way to incorporate her original wedding band.

we created a new band with the ruby and diamonds theme plus the open floral pattern. in the original ring all of the stones were set in platinum with rose gold borders. in the new band the stones are all set in rose gold and white gold borders (from the original wedding band of the most recent recipient).

  • redesigned anniversary ring in white gold, rose gold, rubies and diamonds.

location: New Hartford, CT

i love that the tradition is continuing and that i could be a small part of it.

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