new engagement ring with her original diamond

her engagement ring broke, the diamond fell out of the mounting. amazingly she found it! she has been married for 25+ years and she did not want to replace the diamond which is indeed a lovely stone – lots of fire and brilliance. she wanted to do something a little different but definitely did not want prongs again.

she found me thru an on-line referral board. i believe in taking full advantage of whatever the internet might offer and there is a site for professionals and services that the public goes to in order to find someone to work with. we corresponded for a bit, gave me a chance to figure out what her style, classic and clean, quality not quantity. taking a gigantic leap of faith, allowed me to redesign her engagement ring. she made the time to come into the studio.

i wanted to do something with a touch of “different” yet nothing frilly or fussy. i provided a classic barrel band with beaded / milgrain edges and a white gold decorative bezel taking into account her concern about prong breakage happening again.

The result
so in keeping with tradition, we choose a simple classic barrel-style wedding band with a milgrain edge, in 14k yellow gold, and a pierced decorative bezel in 14k white gold. Additionally, we removed the crown from her original engagement ring and made a simple band also in 14k yellow gold.

she now has three rings

  • her original wedding band (we did not have to do anything to that)
  • her original engagement ring, now as a simple band with no diamond
  • her new resigned engagement ring with her original diamond (pictured)

simple solution for a ring to be worn for another several decades. redesigned engagement ring in 14k yellow gold band with a 14k white gold bezel and her round brilliant cut diamond.

location: South Windsor, CT

smiles and tears. that is why i love what i do!


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