ring model before alterations
three family diamonds and the original ring before alterations
finished ring front view
three bezels added for setting the added family diamonds
back view of ring
back view of ring
finished ring
finished ring incorporated ideas from the engaged couple
side view of platinum engagement wave ring
side view of platinum engagement ring
ring model before alterations

an unusual engagement ring

it began with three stones from both sides of the soon-to-be family… his grandma, her grandma and his mother. she really wanted to use all three stones but did not want a line of diamonds.

i carefully listened to what they both were saying, and when i pulled out this model it was love at first sight. with slight modifications and setting the three diamonds in bezels… voila! an unusual engagement ring using all three family diamonds.

i was thrilled that they found me on line and then came into the shop, but the most rewarding part of this process was being trusted with their treasured family diamonds.

location: West Haven, CT

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engagement ring redesigned from Nana Rose’s wedding set

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