Time to Commemorate and Refashion Mom’s Well-Loved Bracelet

This client initially reached out via my website. She was emotionally attached to a bracelet that had been her mother’s but unfortunately half of the clasp was missing. She sent me photos of the piece which was uniquely composed of watches, none of which worked. She wasn’t sure if the bracelet was silver, silver-plated or just silver tone so she shipped it to me to take a look. She lives in Hawaii, although originally from Pennsylvania. We began this journey while she was stateside this past May but now this bracelet had a much further way to travel.

My initial thought was to fabricate a clasp end but first I’d need to find parts that would be adapted to fit it. And what happened next was not ideal… one of the ends of the watch that the clasp would have been attached to broke. So my next thought was to replace that watch with a charm the same size and attach a clasp end to that instead. Again, not ideal, because the bracelet was not silver or silver-plated which meant I needed to abandon the option of using heat for this repair. Luckily, this client was most patient and understanding. I so appreciate when that’s the case!

Thinking of watches, watch straps and bands a sudden light bulb went off in my designer mind. What if we were to use a stretch band? No clasp needed and it would attach without the need for heat. Voila, we had our vision. And so, while not what we both originally planned for, we had ourselves a bracelet that this client could finally wear and at a much lower cost than originally quoted.

  • Materials: Silver-tone bracelet
  • Client location: Hawaii and Pennsylvania

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