round peg in a square hole stepped ring

finished ring - round peg (diamond) in square hole (halo)
before: Art Deco ring with four square diamonds in center
finished ring next to 4 square diamonds removed, atop jewelry design
finished ring - round peg (diamond) in square hole (halo)

she was not wearing her Art Deco-inspired ring. the classic halo-style platinum diamond ring was just not quite right for her. while she loved the stepped design, she was not fond of the four princess cut diamonds set in the center. by serendipity, her mother-in-law happened to have a round solo diamond just sitting in her jewelry box. this is a perfect example of something i love to do – make a design change to transform unworn jewelry into a favorite.

the challenge in a redesign or a customization of an existing piece is to do as little as possible. i strive to preserve what is loved about the piece and also to maintain the integrity of the jewelry. in this case, we needed to retain the bezel in the center. since it forms one of the walls that hold the pavé of the halo diamonds, it could not be removed. of course, putting a round peg (diamond) into a square hole (halo) can be tricky.

the challenge is to do as little as possible…

once the four princess diamonds were removed (someday to be used for something else) there was room for one larger center diamond. a four-prong low-based palladium setting created an image of a bezel without the need to use a high temperature to solder the setting into the center. everything came together just perfectly.

everyone is happy!

  • classic halo style Art Deco inspired stepped ring with center solo diamond
  • Location: New Hartford, CT + The Berkshires, MA

the unworn ring & the unused family diamond combined to an often-worn favorite

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