Rethinking an Engagement Ring Vision with the Guiding Hand of an Expert… and Loving it That Much More

This client was referred to me by his aunt. He works in visual arts, so he’s creative by nature and had a good sense of what he envisioned for his soon-to-be fiancé’s engagement ring. He just needed someone to guide him a bit. We began with the diamond – a lovely 0.75 round brilliant cut stone with an abundance of sparkle. When I showed it to him there was no hesitation. His original thought was to add a pear-shaped diamond set in a bezel on either side of the center stone. I prepared a rendering for him and seeing it firsthand helped him decide that this was not the way he wanted to go after all. Using my best judgement, I then sent along a rendering that incorporated graduated smaller diamonds set in both a bezel and prongs on either side of the stone. He absolutely loved this second design and said that she would be over the moon for it. And was she ever!? Fast forward a few months and it was time for this newly engaged couple to select their wedding bands. It was important to both of them that the shape of the band contoured to the shape of the engagement ring. Initially they both thought that an insert would make the most sense. An insert is just that – the engagement ring is inserted into and between two rings, creating a wider set. But this proved to be a bit too much as she is petite, with delicate fingers. They both loved the single band, slightly curved to fit against the engagement ring, yet wearable on its own. And in another few short months, she will be able to do just that. Sometimes a little guidance from an expert jewelry designer can make all the difference into helping a client find something they think they’ll love in theory to something they absolutely do in real life. Just another reason why I adore doing what I do.

  • Materials: 14k white gold, Brilliant cut diamonds
  • Client location: East Long Meadow, MA

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Sparkling ring revisioning from the front showing the beautiful diamond

Sparkling Ring Revisioning for a Lovely Client

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teal sapphire engagement ring

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