Pearls for Him – A Strong and Sturdy Bracelet Inspired by the Sea

Complete bracelet with pearls
Small string of pearls
Clasp of pearl bracelet
Pearls dangling from bracelet
Bracelet before pearls were added
Complete bracelet with pearls

This client was a repeat customer, now out of state and with a boatload of fun redesign just waiting inside her jewelry box. She mailed me several items that needed to be identified as real or costume jewelry.  Most of the pieces were real, although outdated, worn and some even damaged. One of the items was a pearl station anklet that was way past its prime. She wanted to do something special with the pearls for her son. I had originally suggested using one of the silver neck chains with the pearls for him but he really wanted a bracelet. I had a Bali woven silver bracelet with a very cool clasp that I presented as a possibility. They both fell in love with it after seeing the photo that I emailed. I had thought about linking the pearls in a line and inserting into the bracelet as a decorative station but I nixed that idea since he wanted to wear this almost all the time and the links needed would be the weakest part of the bracelet. So I posed the suggestion: why not cluster the pearls, pig tailing on yellow gold wire and attaching at the hook end of the clasp? As the clasp is the heaviest part of the bracelet, it will naturally travel to the underside of his wrist so the fabulous weave is what is immediately visible. That was the way to go! Now this client’s son has a gorgeous but durable pearl bracelet perfect for daily use.

  • Materials: Sterling silver Bali bracelet, Cultured Akoya pearls, 14k yellow gold wire
  • Wilmington North Carolina

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