Keeping Nana Close To Her Heart

This client originally found me online. She wrote to me about her grandmother’s wedding set. Her nana had reset her original engagement diamond into this. And just like grandma, this client wanted to restyle it for herself to make it her own. And so began our lengthy email correspondences. She sent along photos of the ring, photographed on a grid that gave me a very good sense of scale. I wrote back with some sketches and suggestions. She decided that she’d like a classic solitaire pendant with a little something extra. What that was, we still weren’t entirely sure. She loves rose gold – her wedding set is rose gold and it looks beautiful with her complexion. With that knowledge, I suggested that we mount the diamond in a 14k rose gold stylized flower pendant. She absolutely loved the idea. We set a date for her to come to the shop. She brought her aunt, an equally lovely woman. They had a wonderful visit which was also very productive. During their time here I pulled the diamond from the mounting so I could measure and weigh it. We also looked at chains for length and link style. I had several different rose gold options to choose from. She was thrilled with the final outcome – a flower diamond from her beloved grandmother in rose gold. The perfect way to keep Nana close to hear heart.

  • Materials: 14k rose gold, Brilliant cut diamond
  • Client location: Western MA

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