from ear to finger (earrings converted to bypass ring)

bypass ring made from post earrings
earrings used to make the new custom ring atop design notes
bypass ring made from post earrings

she wanted something to gift to her niece for the holidays but did not know her finger size. what better way than to provide a band that one can self-adjust?!

she has strong local ties and found me online. she has a boat load of sisters, and i had the pleasure to host all of them one day in the shop to brainstorm the design. it was boisterous and fun!

every once in a while i get an opportunity to combine the flotsam and jetsam in someone’s jewelry box – an earring received as a gift often has a mate that has strayed. every time one sees these pieces, one is flooded with the memories of the time, place and person. such was the story of these earrings made by the original curmudgeon of a silversmith, well known in this area.

she had two orphan earrings of the same design but different sizes. the idea to create an adjustable ring popped into my head, and i provided a bypass ring that i had on hand. the beauty of a bypass is that it is very forgiving – it can be opened or closed to accommodate a large range of finger sizes. when working with a long-distance recipient, it makes for a more successful fit.

first, the earring posts were removed. since the earrings are a custom fabrication themselves, great care was required to keep them intact while constructing the new piece of jewelry.

  • wrap-around adjustable bypass ring in sterling silver, simple and modern

location: Las Vegas, NV

from earrings, we have a unique ring that will be gifted this holiday season

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marriage ring necklace with design notes

rings from a marriage pendant

Grandmother's wedding band bracelet

grandmother’s wedding band bracelet

nana's ring made into a pendant

nana’s ring made into a pendant

my mistake rectified with diamonds on top (reproduced heart ring)
if it is summer, it must be necklace season