bangle bracelet with diamond cluster and loop clasp

bangle bracelet with diamond cluster and hook clasp
custom designed bangle bracelet on wrist with her own white gold bangle
jewelry bits and pieces around the shop ready for fabrication
diamond cluster fits clasp for bracelet closure
detail: diamond cluster in gold bezel and loop closure
bangle bracelet with diamond cluster and hook clasp

she was expecting a bonus and wanted to treat herself with something special. she was thinking of something to wear everyday, a little bit of bling and a marriage of metals. my thoughts turned to some bits and pieces of jewelry around the shop-a bangle bracelet with a synthetic sapphire and a half-pair of diamond earrings were available for custom fabrication.

that diamond earring was gorgeous with a total of 8 diamonds and set to give the sparkly illusion of one larger stone. we treated the cluster as if it was a single stone; we set it into the decorative bezel so it can act as a lock for the loop or hook closure of the bracelet. i used a yellow gold bezel to compliment the yellow gold roped accent on the bangle that is made from solid half-round sterling silver wire.

the sterling silver bracelet has great tensile strength which helps keep its shape while securing it on the wrist. after we took apart the existing bracelet that originally had a synthetic blue sapphire and combined it with that pretty diamond cluster with a decorative 14k yellow gold bezel, the upcycled bracelet had a totally new look!

the re-fabricated custom bracelet

now this bangle bracelet is perfect to wear alone or stacked with other bracelets as her mood dictates.

  •  sterling silver bracelet, yellow gold roped accent with loop closure for 14k yellow gold bezel eight diamond cluster button
  • Location: Hartford, CT
    she was brought into the shop by another favorite customer with very different styles and sensibilities. how i love referrals!

bracelet from re-fabricated bits and pieces of jewelry

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