A Wedding Set – Forever Close to Her Heart

This client first came to me as a referral a few years back. She was looking for appraisal work and we chatted for a bit. Our exchange must have been quite memorable because it wasn’t until a few years later when she returned, this time with a special project for me. Like many individuals, her skin gets irritated wearing rings. This, of course, poses a dilemma because she adores her wedding set. But maybe it was time to find a way to style these without the daily discomfort. She had seen many pendant projects that I’ve done for clients on my website. And so we decided that was the way to go. As a pendant, she’d be able to wear her wedding band and engagement ring close to her heart. I began, knowing that I did not want to solder the rings together. I figured out that, by removing most of the shank (band) on the engagement ring to create the bail, it could be shaped so it fit snugly around the wedding band without being soldered to it. The chain passes through the engagement ring. By doing so, the beauty of the ruby and the two diamonds is front and center! It was their anniversary the day she came in with her husband to pick up the final piece. I just wish I had a photo of her smile once he put the transformed pendant around her neck. What a priceless moment.

  • Materials: 14k yellow gold, genuine ruby, oval natural diamonds
  • Client location: Windsor, CT

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