A Repurposed Wedding Set: When One Door Closes, Another Sparkly One Opens

This special client initially reached out in 2022. I received an email asking how one goes about having a custom ring created. And so began our correspondences. She lives in Western Massachusetts, not too far of a drive from my studio. During winter break, we set a date for her to come see me. And it was a lovely, crisp Saturday in February when we finally met. Her marriage was no longer and there was a lot of emotion. She had an idea, in its early stages, that she’d like to repurpose all of the stones and metal from her wedding set. A set which we’d have to cut off her finger. Quite literally, the final cut of her married life. But there was still a lot of love and two beautiful daughters from that union. I believe it takes a very big heart to continue to embrace and recognize the love and goodness from a relationship, even if it doesn’t end the way you hope. So began the journey!

Asking questions, doodling sketches, the piece began to take formation. I suggested each daughters’ birthstone, in a princess cut like the original engagement diamond and the smaller diamonds from the wedding band. As luck would have it, the colors of the gemstones work really really well together. The bold purple amethyst for February compliments beautifully with the vibrant rose-pink and red hues of rhodolite garnet for January. I began to design some more substantial sketches. Once the design was decided upon the diamonds were all taken out of the wedding set to be measured and weighed. That being done, the CAD could be started. There were a few tweaks to the CAD before everything was finalized and, from there, the ring literally began to take shape.  From a CAD, a wax is printed to create a mold so the gold from the original wedding set can be melted and cast. The casting is polished and prepped for the setting which then sets the stones as requested and indicated by the designer… yours truly!

The ring was completed in May of 2023 and while this may seem like a long time, the decisions made were deliberate and well thought. The length of a project is always determined by my client’s needs. Some are quick and decisive and others need more time to mull over the many possibilities before landing on their final picks, as was the case here. This client now has a beautiful ring, to be worn with great frequency, with the 3 princess stones in a row, and the smaller process diamonds set into the shoulders of the ring. And with this piece, she has a transformed her way of appreciating her newfound independence… in the sparkliest, most stunning way.

  • Materials: 14k white gold, Princess cut diamonds, amethyst and rhodolite garnet
  • Client location: Western MA

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Sparkling ring revisioning from the front showing the beautiful diamond

Sparkling Ring Revisioning for a Lovely Client

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teal sapphire and diamond engagement ring (on finger)

teal sapphire engagement ring

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