five diamond wedding ring remounted
original ring setting, new setting, upon sketches
u-shaped setting for maximum sparkle
finished ring after alteration
five diamond wedding ring remounted

sometimes all you need is a remount (diamond ring alteration)

she found me on Etsy! she also has an Etsy shop, and last spring she sent me an assortment of rings she no longer wears.  …and so began our process.

from one creative being to another, this might possibly have been one of the most collaborative ventures so far. she had a strong sense of balance and design and could appreciate my sketches. i also listened to what was being said thru the printed word in emails and got a very good feeling for what she wanted.

she has two other rings with colored stones and diamond accents, and she originally wanted to combine all of the rings. unfortunately, the result would have been massive – plus, sadly, the gems did not warrant the cost required to redesign. like many folks contemplating a change, she needed to explore all of the options. after the search was exhausted, interestingly enough (and as is often the case) the final band was a design i had suggested early in the process.

she kept going back to her wedding band, and my guidance allowed her to make the right decision for her – a remount in 14k white gold with five full cut diamonds. the settings in the new ring are U-shaped and have shared prongs, making the amount of metal minimal. Yet the amount of light that dances thru the diamonds is greatly increased from her original band.

this was a challenging project due to the exploration of many different designs and all online communications. but i love and appreciate the leap of faith taken in shipping her precious rings to me. another way i love what i do. and amazingly enough, the ring was completed on her anniversary!

  • wedding band with five full cut diamonds,  14k white gold with U-shaped setting

location: Sprakers, NY

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