1907 inscription inside heirloom ring after repair
diamond from earring used to restore ring, before repair
finished- removed diamonds replaced in heirloom ruby ring
interior of finished ring after repair
1907 inscription inside heirloom ring after repair

diamonds once removed restored to heirloom ring

the ruby and diamond ring was in pretty good shape for being 112 years old, but it was missing the two diamonds. this heirloom piece once belonged to great-great uncle somebody, who probably wore it on his pinkie.

sometime back in the 1980s, the diamonds had been removed from the ring and set into earrings. now in 2019 we restored the diamonds back into the ring. full circle.

the diamonds are European cut; this style of faceting preceded our modern brilliant cut. the ring also has one European cut ruby.

the restored piece will nicely fit her ring finger, and she can easily wear it every day with little care – no prongs to catch or break.

i love when someone comes in with a bag of family heirloom jewels – the flotsam and jetsam of history. it is even better when they begin to tell the stories of the people connected to the jewels. it was especially gratifying that this repair was a referral from her daughter whom i had the pleasure of working with in the past.

14k yellow gold ring with two European-cut diamonds and one European-cut ruby.

location: Birmingham, AL

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