After: repaired rings with matched baguette diamonds
Before: rings with with missing straight cut diamond baguettes
After: wedding set and engagement ring ready to wear for years to come
Before: engagement ring with missing baguette diamond and torn on the underside
After: repaired engagement ring with matched baguette diamonds
After: repaired rings with matched baguette diamonds

Wedding set repair – straight cut diamond baguette match

After many happy years of marriage, her wedding set was in dire need of attention.

Primarily, she lost straight cut diamond baguettes from the wedding band and from the engagement ring.  She was not interested in resetting the stones – she loves the set “as is,” so the challenge was to match the missing stones, repair the mountings to set the stones and figure out how to shore up the entire set for continued years of enjoyment.

In order to do the repair, I supplied three white gold thin plain bands. One was placed on either side of the wedding band. The last was for the engagement set as she felt adding a total of four bands would be too much for her to wear.  Thankfully she has very long fingers and can accommodate a bolder, wider ring.

She is a very active person, very hands-on at her small gentleman’s farm. Her goal is to be able to wear at least the wedding ring 24/7. Looking closely at the before photo, you can see the seats that were cut for the original baguette. The setting took into consideration the corners of the stone as well as the belly and girdle. It is not often we are privy to the how’s of setting.

The additional challenge on the engagement set was a tear on the underside of the ring at the site of the missing stone, so that area needed to be shored up and fixed as well. The white gold bands are a smidge wider than the set to accommodate the new width of the rings. They also sit just a smidge higher so the bands are the first thing that gets hit with the normal daily wear, thus preserving the individual channels and the original stones. You can see the sizing cleats in both the wedding and engagement bands. These small “balls” are used to keep the ring from rolling once it has been slipped over the knuckle – many of us have larger knuckles than our actual finger size.

This was a referral from her cousin, a long time customer of mine. She was a pleasure to work with, and she loved loved loved the finished result which will provide so many more happy years of wearing!

  • 18k yellow and white gold, round brilliant cut diamond and straight cut diamond baguettes
  • Location North Granby, CT
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