top view of the final diamond ring from Raimie Weber Jewelry
before - the parts for the new ring
top view of the ring - vintage feel yet modern
side view of the final ring that was made from wedding and engagement rings
top view of the final diamond ring from Raimie Weber Jewelry

modern yet vintage feel redesigned wedding wedding sets

it was time. her husband has been gone for several years and she was inspired by her neighbor’s confidence with me.  she came with her wedding set and her mother’s wedding set wanting a ring that is both modern, yet with a vintage feel.

we chose white gold, six prong European style crowns and lovely wire scroll decorative elements.
  • 14k white gold
location: Farmington, CT

this project was a referral – I love those!

I love my ring and I still can’t stop looking at it!! It is so beautiful!! I never thought I would own a ring so lovely. You and Amy are the BEST!

Farmington, CT
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love wins wedding ring
more jewelry redesigned by raimie weber
marquise pendant was formerly a ring and necklace chain

large ring converted to a pendant

diamond setting used for center of pendant made from ring

pendant from wedding band (she wore it on her wedding day!)

stunning ring has large center diamond, medium side diamonds, several french-set diamonds

one stunning ring from several rings of a past marriage