sapphire engagement ring with design notes
engagement ring via referral request
engagement rings genuine pear-shaped sapphires ready to assemble
platinum sapphire engagement ring
sapphire engagement ring with design notes

engagement ring via refer-a-friend

the chance to make an engagement ring came in via a referral from a man who got engaged, married, and is now a dad! i love how this works and am humbled by recommendations based on the trust of a pleased customer.

getting started

  • he contacted me via email
  • he and his intended did their research and sent me many photos of rings that piqued their interest
  • into the shop he came to continue the discussion about the perfect engagement ring

watching the wallet

part of the conversation about jewelry design is inevitably about cost. some of the photos, lovely as they were, were quite outside the dollar budget – which is not unusual at the start of brainstorming. my personal belief i use to guide my clients is that this ring is a symbol of your intention. you are just beginning your life with this other person and have years to add larger stones, more stones or different ones. at the start. i help think outside the traditional box yet inside the budget while still being traditional.

putting it all together

i was able to gather she loves blue, which pointed to the use of sapphires, and she loves pear-shaped stones. oh, how perfect! we took a traditional engagement ring style, a three-stone ring with pear-shaped shoulder stones, and tweaked it to put a pear-shaped sapphire in the middle as well. he decided to have this engagement ring made in platinum, a noble and elegant metal.

ahhhh love, romance and wonderful referrals makes the world go round. speaking of world, i think the couple will be traveling to Ireland where her family lives and that’s where he will propose.

platinum sapphire engagement ring has three genuine pear-shaped sapphires

location: Plainville, CT

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